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World Hunger Year

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Thank you Harry and Jim.

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Harry Chapin encouraged all of us to "Do something.“ Circle!, a free, quarterly on-line newsletter, presents ideas for social action, especially with the fight against hunger in the U.S. and around the world. Circle! is produced in its entirety by a volunteer staff. To subscribe, send an email with the word Subscribe in the subject line to circleteam@hotmail.com

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Harry Chapin’s “Ripple” of Influence Grows Every Day

Harry Chapin’s influence on the world was perhaps best summed up when Harry Belafonte described Chapin’s commitment as “ripples” that were felt by others who were motivated to make a difference.

Jen Chapin Leads Us On A Lushly-Written Journey Into Her Life In “Ready”

Her latest effort with Hybrid Recordings is available at stores nationwide.

WHY Takes
Holistic Approach
to Fight Hunger
& Poverty

From the beginning, we have aimed to understand and address the root causes of hunger and poverty and thus have taken into account the political, economic, social, environmental and other factors that interact to result in such a tragic and unnecessary blight on society.

DMC’s New Disc Strikes Many Chords

The tracks on this record include some socially-conscious, sometimes dark, and often very personal themes that one might more expect to find in a Harry Chapin album than in a hip-hop disc.

Performing Artist Inspires Audiences Through Prose

Thomas Gossom Jr. has been blessed with good timing – and he’s making the most of it.

Celestial Cross-Pollination Yields a Harry Chapin-Dante Anthology of Student Essays

…a thought-provoking and insightful spiral-bound book of student essays called All My Life’s A Circle...A Harry Chapin & Dante Alighieri Anthology.

Amish Farmers’ Co-op Finds
Innovation in Simpler Ways

As the world gets increasingly complex, often innovative solutions are touted as the next big answer to solving the social ills of unemployment, hunger, crime, poverty and generations of children facing a risky and dangerous future.

Still Wild About Harry

Harry’s legacy is a crystalline commitment to an idea: People should not go hungry.

“Doing Something”

Circle! salutes individuals, who, in the spirit of Harry Chapin’s legacy, are “doing something” to make a difference.

Hard Rock Café Serves Up Benefit CD to Fight Hunger

The songs on Serve …resonate with the common idea of serving others.

When Howie Met Harry: Catching Up With Drummer Howard Fields

"In 1974 Steve Chapin called Doug [Walker] to tell him there was going to be a Broadway show Based on Harry’s music. Harry asked Doug to play in it and asked him to recommend a drummer so Doug recommended me. That’s how it started."

Goat Tales

From the bottom
of her wrinkles

Behind the
Cause CD

Harry Chapin had a Cause. His words and wisdom are on this record. You don't have to be a saint to have a Cause.

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