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It was good to hear about the various tributes that have been done for Harry in this newsgroup lately (which I am going to go out and get any and all I can, especially the one by M.O.D.). I had only known about the cover by Ugly Kid Joe and had heard rumors of another one by some local singer back east.

For the heck of it, here is my Tribute (only recording yet is by Scott Sivakoff who frequents this group). I've posted it here before but it has been quite a while. Maybe we should get all of the tributes from the various artists on one album and sell it and donate the money to WHY. Why not?

Anyhow, here.


Tribute to Harry
(yes, we all need our heroes)
for Harry Chapin

Yes, we all need our heroes,
though we won't admit it to ourselves.
Someone we look up to
and try to build our lives around...
Yes, we all have our heroes
and he was a hero to me...
When I think about him,
I begin to cry...

This is my tribute to Harry,
the kinda' man I'd like to be.
And this song I've written just for him,
and all the things he meant to me.
Oh, I never met this Harry,
never even seen him live.
But his albums I play on my stereo,
have helped me to survive...
have helped me to survive...

His voice wasn't that of an angel,
it was more like a common guy.
And when I listened to his words,
I believed that I could fly.
One day he was right here with us,
writing life into his rhymes.
Then he was taken from us,
before it was his time.

This is my story for Harry,
and for his family.
May we all remember him well,
that's the way that it should be!
Now he's gone, he has moved on,
but he was one hell of a guy.
And I still listen to his words,
I still believe that I can fly.

If there's a sequel to this story,
I don't know what it might be.
Perhaps another folk singer,
perhaps it might be me.
Yes, it just might be me...

7/82 CMI
From: (Chris)


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"Oh, if a man tried to take his time on earth and prove before he died what one man's life could be worth, I wonder what would happen to this world?" -- Harry Chapin, 1942-1981.



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Sniper & Other Love Songs


In 1972, Harry released Sniper & Other Love Songs. Thirty years would pass before the album would ever reach the CD format. Sniper was finally re-released in June, 2002.

Originally given a working title of Sweet City Suite, the album tells the story of various characters one might run into in a city. The album features the original studio versions of Chapin classics "A Better Place to Be" and "Circle." But perhaps more importantly (as those songs are already well-distributed on compilation CDs), the album features seemingly lost Chapin stories, including "And the Baby Never Cries," "Burning Herself," "Barefoot Boy," and "Woman Child."

Sniper is for the seasoned Chapin fan. New fans would do better to check out Greatest Stories Live. But for Chapin fans who have reached the level of the Dance Band on the Titanic album, this is the next step. Slightly over-produced and having a little of the "forced" feel that some of Harry's studio albums possess, this album does not capture the powerfully live Harry Chapin. Nonetheless, it captures Harry's great iconoclastic songwriting--Harry takes the story song to new heights here. But the album works best for those ready for it; don't buy it until you are ready to appreciate it!