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The Harry Chapin Foundation
World Hunger Year

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Thank you Harry and Jim.

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Harry Chapin encouraged all of us to "Do something.“ Circle!, a free, quarterly on-line newsletter, presents ideas for social action, especially with the fight against hunger in the U.S. and around the world. Circle! is produced in its entirety by a volunteer staff. To subscribe, send an email with the word Subscribe in the subject line to circleteam@hotmail.com

Let's Hear from the Cheap Seats! We'd love to hear from you with your feedback, ideas for future issues, stories about Harry, and what you or someone you know is doing to make a difference. Please drop us a line at circleteam@hotmail.com

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Growing Up
With Hunger

I was raised as the child of two hunger-fighting activists in a home where the issue was never far from our family consciousness.

Too Soon

Knowing you are helping someone survive is a really great feeling.

Journal Provides Eye Into Food Banks’ Efforts in Katrina’s Wake

To the New Orleans Foodbank, open from the first day since the storm, I was immediately impressed with the disaster this has been for the people that work here.

Chapin Christmas CD Is a Hit Throughout The Seasons

It might be the one Christmas album that gets played throughout the year.

“Doing Something”

...to make a difference

Chapin Family Marks WHY’s 30th Anniversary With Benefit Concerts in New York City

The concerts and associated special auction raised more than $32,000 after expenses to help WHY continue to fight hunger on its 30th anniversary.

What stands out in my mind was just what a nice guy Harry was and what a wonderful, gentle loving mom Sandy was.

I used to own a gin mill/night club named after some lyrics and song titles of Harry's: “Tanner's Tool and Die — A Better Place to Be”

Fan Fare

Chapin Fans Making a Difference

Randy Rossilli


Time to Remember

December 7th, 1942, precisely one year after the attack on Pearl Harbor, was the day one of my favorite performers and lasting influences on my life, was born.

Goat Tales

King of the Bathrobe

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