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Thank you Harry and Jim.

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Harry Chapin encouraged all of us to "Do something." Circle!, a free, quarterly on-line newsletter, presents ideas for social action, especially with the fight against hunger in the U.S. and around the world. Circle! is produced in its entirety by a volunteer staff. To subscribe, send an email with the word Subscribe in the subject line to circleteam@hotmail.com

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Season's Spinnin' Around Again
As we complete our second year of "Circle!" with this issue, we reflect on what we've set out to accomplish, what we've achieved, and what we still have left to do.

Behind the Song:
"We Are the World"

The song and its parent non-profit organization USA For Africa celebrate their twentieth anniversary on January 28 with the sale of a commemorative two-DVD set

Ken Kragen
Recalls Harry's
"Do Something" Motto

When in doubt — DO SOMETHING. The late Harry Chapin spoke these words to me when I tried to point out to him the enormous difficulty he faced in his almost single-handed attempt to eliminate world hunger in his own lifetime.

Everybody Has
a Goat Tale

For about two years, Bill Hornung wrote Goat Tales, a weekly online column that combined personal anecdotes with stories about innovative organizations and individuals that make the world a better place.

The Chapin Sisters Head West; No Rush to Strike Gold

The grand plan for the Chapin Sisters — the newest generation from the ever-expanding musical Chapin family — is, well, not to have a plan.

Florida Food Banks
Seek Support After
Extreme Storm Season

Over the past couple of months, the Harry Chapin Food Banks have been tested beyond all expectations. Storm after storm ravaged Southwest Florida, changing the lives of all in the path.

"Celebration in Song" Concert Helps Fuel Fight Against Hunger

WHY (World Hunger Year) and The Harry Chapin Memorial Run Against Hunger teamed up October 17th to present "Harry Chapin: A Celebration in Song," a benefit concert to fight hunger, starring The Chapin Family & Friends.



The "Old Folkie"
is Still Singing,
Still Inspiring

At 85, Pete is still going strong...

Reflections From
Harry's Mom:
An Interview with
Elspeth Hart

In a recent interview, Elspeth Hart shared with Circle! a mother's perspective on Harry's childhood and his development and success as a singer-songwriter and social activist.

Hey Kids,
You Can Make
A Difference...

Congratulations on ten years of believing Kids Can Make A Difference and helping tens of thousands of kids to do just that, in so many ways.

I photographed Harry Chapin numerous times on Long Island, New York, throughout the 1970s.

Pre-MTV Video of "Taxi"; No $2.50 Fare Required

The Chapin Office has digitized and made available for free viewing the original short film that was produced at the time of the launch of Harry's first hit story song, "Taxi."

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