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Thank you Harry and Jim.


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Harry Chapin encouraged all of us to "Do something." Circle!, a free, quarterly on-line newsletter, presents ideas for social action, especially with the fight against hunger in the U.S. and around the world. Circle! is produced in its entirety by a volunteer staff. To subscribe, send an email with the word Subscribe in the subject line to

Let's Hear from the Cheap Seats! We'd love to hear from you with your feedback, ideas for future issues, stories about Harry, and what you or someone you know is doing to make a difference. Please drop us a line at

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Happy Birthday Harry
and Season's Greetings
From The Circle! Team

We hope you will enjoy our gift to you, this special issue of "Circle!" planned to honor Harry on his birthday.

Fan Fare
Chapin Fans Making a Difference

Nancy McCoy

Linda Mitchell


Community Harvest, an organization founded in 1987 to "...provide good food for all," started its Urban Oasis Farm & Learning Center five years ago to help provide produce to a community dependent on taking public transportation to get healthy, fresh food.

Singer-Songwriter Lea Creates Positive Energy In Music and Action

"It's not part of my mission statement, but when I open myself to using my greatest gift to give, not just to make money or ease my own mind, the opportunity presents itself."

Harry Chapin
Foundation Maintains
"Just Do Something"

Harry Chapin's dedication to social causes is legendary-- a commitment that is still alive today in the mission of the Chapin Foundation.

Harry: A Collection
of Rare Photos

Circle! presents a collection of rare photos as provided to us by Josh Chapin

Hitting All
The Right Notes:
An Interview With
Big John Wallace

In a recent conversation John Wallace remembers meeting the Chapin brothers at Grace Church, his days as the only member of the Harry Chapin band from its beginnings to the end and carrying the music and message on today.

Run-DMC Star
Strikes a New Chord with "Cat's in the Cradle"

"I needed a song
that is so true, so real..."

Behind the Song:
Cat's in the Cradle

"I think the reason people responded and continue to respond is because it is a real life story, and everybody has a piece of that experience," said Sandy.

Finally... A
West Coast
Jen Chapin Tour!

Jen's voice and lyrics blend with Stephan's acoustic bass to create an inseparable tone that's uniquely their own.



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